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The three elephants raising their trunks in unity were designed to represent our company and several significant inspirations. The first facet includes the legacy handed down to us from Leader Enterprises, Inc. founder Robert Fraley, its President Van Arden and client Payne Stewart, who tragically died in a plane crash in 1999, forever changing our journey. Secondly, the three elephants represent the new legacy yet to come as Legacy, LLC was launched with just three initial clients. Why elephants? Because these noble animals are highly relational, care for one another, work together in families, remember those that have gone before them and because they represent Africa, where Legacy's founder, DJ Snell, has a passion for serving.

Our Mission

Legacy, LLC's mission is to inspire our clients to become their potential and reveal their Legacies.

Our Team

D.J. Snell

Well done, rather than well said, is a philosophy that has served D.J. Snell well. D.J.'s reputation is one of quiet integrity. He is a stable force within an industry that struggles to value quality and honest character qualities in both clients and managers alike in favor of short-lived performance and results.

DJ began his management career in 1990, when he joined Orlando, FL based sports management firm, Leader Enterprises, Inc. Leader exclusively represented such elite clients that included Bill Parcells, Payne Stewart, Paul Azinger, Joe Gibbs, Bill Cowher, Tom Coughlin, Orel Hershiser, Frank Thomas, Chipper Jones, Cortez Kennedy, Dan Reeves and Ray Everhaum. In 1991, D.J. attended Harvard Law School but returned to Leader upon graduation. For the next eight years, D.J. played instrumental roles in client management, marketing, event planning and eventually served as its President.

However, on October 25, 1999, Leader Enterprises suffered a devastating loss when a private jet carrying Leader's CEO, Robert Fraley, President, Van Ardan and client, Payne Stewart, crashed carrying all 3 men. With the help of Dixie Fraley, owner and Leader's newly named CEO, D.J. guided the organization through the difficult transition period including the reformation of a newly organized Leader Enterprises, LLC.

After new ownership had taken over the company, D.J. launched his own organization in 2002. Legacy, LLC was named primarily in remembrance of his friends and colleagues, Robert Fraley, Van Ardan and Payne Stewart and their example of maintaining an eternal perspective in the midst of their every day lives.

D.J. continues in that tradition by contributing his time and talents to various charitable organizations. When he is not traveling for business or here in the office, you may find him leading missions work in Africa, a passion that takes him out of the country a few times a year. If you meet D.J. in person, keep in mind that he is older than he looks.

Susan Andreone
Client Marketing and Business Development

Susan Andreone serves at Legacy in a marketing and business development capacity. She has 20 years experience with speaker representation, agency work and celebrity management. Susan creates and connects ideas with clients and corporate partners, and then serves as the "legs" to fulfill our client strategies. Susan has been with Legacy since its launch in 2002; but got her agency start with Orlando, FL based Leader Enterprises, Inc. in 1990. In her "off" time, Susan volunteers at her children's school and mortifies her teenage daughter by participating in a hip-hop class. Past hobbies include rehabilitating and training "wild" animals such as lions and tigers, a skill that sometimes comes in handy in her current job, reading and estate sales with fellow team member, Melinda.

Stephen Kim
Client Manager

Stephen Kim joined Legacy, LLC in 2006 and his based in Los Angels, CA. Stephen spends most of his time on the golf course watching and analyzing up and coming golfers. His amazing eye for identifying talent is only superceded by his big heart. Stephen is one of the most down to earth and sincere client managers in the business who probably cares as much for his golf clients as their own mothers and fathers. In fact, our clients' mothers and fathers love Stephen, and with good reason. He treats them like family. Prior to joining the Legacy team, Stephen practiced law. He has a lovely wife and 2 children who keep him busy at home.

Cheri Yandell
Firm Administrator

Cheri Yandell is the glue that keeps everyone at Legacy together, on schedule and looking good. If someone needs something and can't find it, Cheri can. Cheri's unofficial title is "Behind-the-Scenes Guru At Large." She was also part of the original team hand picked by D.J. Snell to launch Legacy, LLC in 2002. Cheri's management agency roots began at Leader Enterprises, Inc. in Orlando, FL in 1990. Cheri served in various capacities from Executive Assistant to Quality Control Manager over Product Licensing. Her extraordinary knowledge, research skills and attention to detail make her an invaluable team player here at Legacy. Cheri is our "go to" person for accounting questions, client services like travel, itineraries and invoices. Outside the office, Cheri enjoys time with her friends and family, and was a featured soloist at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC in the 90's. Before we know it, she too may be one of our clients.

Greg Galloway
TV, Entertainment and Film Development

Crosland Stuart
Literary and Project Development Specialist

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